-The vehicle DVR (IDF-DVR2003) is designed for various uses by police, military and security officers.
At present, it is used by the US police and sheriffs.
- This product has two cameras and two audio terminals but can be expanded to take a max four cameras.
It can record the GPS information/ user name/ year, month and date information as well as neighboring environment information.
-This product is highly resistant against to its aluminum case

Video input

Max 4 channels, NTSC /  PAL (selectable)

Video output

1 channel

Resolution / of frames

NTSC: 720*480 / 30fps

PAL : 720*570 / 25fps

External input

6 ports

Audio input

3Ch / Inter mic 1ea


MPEG 2 / 4

Storage media

HDD (80GB/160GB) / CF (optional)

Storage time

1.5Mps Reference : 2Hrs / 1GB

Communication processing

무선 LAN 802.11 a/g/b, USB1.1, RS232C, Remote Control, IR control

External I/O

Input: 8 ports / Output: 2 ports

Optional device

Antenna, GPS, WLAN card, CDMA/GPRS modem, compact flash memory, emergency power module, camera, monitor, wireless microphone